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Tags & Folksonomies – C'est Quoi ?

Tags & Folksonomies – What are they, and why should you care? –
“…Tags, or folksonomies are actually a lot simpler than much of the acedemic debate surrounding them.
Put simply, they are a user defined method for organizing data…”

..First, Some Examples of Tags in Action

There are only a few good, working examples of tagging in operation right now. They include:

* – a social bookmarking system
* Flickr – a photo publishing / sharing site
* Technorati Tags – a recent feature added to the popular blog search engine
* MetaFilter Tags – another recently added feature to the original group blog.
* TagSurf – an experimental forum based on tags rather than the standard way of organizing topics

Voir la suite de l’article sur ThreadWatch
Voir la définition de Wikepedia pour Folksonomie


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